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Are you looking for the best pool landscapers in Sydney? Look no further, Premier Landscapes can handle all of your pool landscaping needs. We cater to your personal landscaping design, preferences and budget.

Adding pool landscaping is not only visually appealing, it also serves to protect your pool and your family and friends who use it. At Premier Landscapers we work diligently to seamlessly blend style and practicality into your pool landscaping.

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to your home; they provide you and your family with entertainment, relaxing and a reprieve from the Sydney heat. With proper pool landscaping, your pool can be transformed into a beautiful oasis. Think of it this way; a pool without landscaping is like a diamond without a setting-still very beautiful, but not as eye catching as it could be.

How to Determine Your Pool Landscaping Style

With pool landscaping, there are many different directions in which you can choose to go with. What is the most important aspect of your poolscape? Are you seeking privacy? Or do you widh for the pool itself to be the centerpiece of your backyard?

What does your budget look like? This is an important consideration to narrow down before embarking on pool landscaping as it will help determine which plants and materials fit well into your budget.

Does your home or backyard have an ambiance that you are trying to create? Is there a specific style that is most appealing to you? Maybe you are seeking a coastal vibe and want to choose landscaping that fits well with that motif. Or, perhaps, a modern, minimalist approach is what you are looking for.

Premier Landscapes has provided pool landscaping to hundreds of pools across Sydney with all different styles and budgets and we can help you too! Whether you already have a set style and vision in mind or you are completely lost on where to even begin, contact us today and we will help make your pool and its surrounding area stunning.


If you are looking for privacy, there are many elements we can add that will help to provide that for you. Plants are one of the best ways to provide you with shade, privacy, beauty and to hide aspects of the pool that may not be the most pleasing to the eyes, like pool equipment.

With over a decade of professional horticulture experience, we know exactly which plants are best suited for you and your pool. We have the knowledge and expertise to work with a variety of different plants that will accommodate your poolscape vision.


Pool fencing is not only a landscaping tool that can add a visually pleasing aspect, it is also a safety precaution. Sydney has many rules and regulations governing pools and their safety and we are in the know and up to date on all of them. We comply with all safety regulations and provide you with a fence that adds visual appeal to your pool.

There are many other pool landscaping additions we can add to your pool to make it beautiful and fit your personal vision. Give us a call today to discuss your options. We would love to hear from. Let our kind and courteous team show you why we are the number one pool landscaper in Sydney.