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Pool paving is a beautiful, safe and functional outdoor decking option for your pool. Outdoor paving can come in many designs and colors and is one of the more affordable pool decking options.

Pool paving not only adds beauty to your poolscape, it is also functional and can be used as a safety measure. Pool paving should be slip resistant to help prevent slips and falls and should also be resistant to corrosion to prevent continued future maintenance.

Choosing the Right Pool Pavers

Each different type of pool pavers will have different durability, strength and resistance properties. At Premier Landscapes, we are well acquainted with all different types of pool paving materials and can best advise you on how to choose the right style that fits your needs.

Types of Pool Pavers

There are several different types of pool pavers you can choose from when designing your pool deck. Here we will discuss the most common types and their properties.


No matter which pool paving material you choose, the experts at Premier Landscapes can help you to create the look you desire. If you’re feeling lost on where to begin, give us a call and let us help by presenting you with the best outdoor paving options for your pool that suit your personal style and budget.