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What is Pool Landscaping?

Pool landscaping has to do with any kind of landscaping by your pool and its surrounding areas. This type of landscaping can include; landscaping around the perimeter of the pool, adding structural walls or buildings or even decorative themes to add to the ambiance of your pool setting. There are so many ideas to choose from and we can help you to choose the perfect landscape for your pool!

Premier Landscapes has professionally landscaped hundreds of pools in Sydney and can easily work with you to design the perfect pool area for you and your family to enjoy. We take our clients desires and concerns very seriously and will work diligently to make sure your pool landscape is exactly what you desire.

Pool landscaping
Swimming pool landscaping

Swimming pool landscaping offers many opportunities to make your pool area unique and beautiful, but there are also many considerations that need to be taken into account when landscaping your pool area. First and foremost, safety. Fencing around your pool will play a big role in your pool landscaping in Sydney. There are laws that govern safe pool fencing in Sydney and we take these laws and your safety very seriously.

Besides fencing to provide safety measures to your pool landscape, we also offer outdoor pool lighting to provide additional safety measures for night time swimming. Outdoor pool lighting makes your pool safer and more enjoyable when swimming at night.

For additional landscaping, we offer plants to beautify your pool area and provide shade and privacy. Plants can also be strategically placed to help hide things that you may not want to look at all the time, like pool equipment.

The use of plants in your pool landscaping will help to make your pool area blend more naturally in with its outdoor surroundings. Landscaping with plants that can be grown tall and thick will help to provide some natural privacy around your pool area.

At Premier Landscapes, we aim to use low-maintenance plants in your landscape design. We use plants that won’t shed a bunch of leaves into your pool that you will need to contend with or won’t have roots that will end up damaging your pool or equipment over the years. From our years of experience, we have the knowledge and insight to know which plants will make your pool landscape design not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.

If you are looking for expert swimming pool landscapes, give us a call today for a free evaluation and estimate. Let us show you why we are the number one pool landscaping company in Sydney.

Swimming pool landscaping
Some Of Our Projects

We contract to local swimming pool companies, aswell as the general public. We design and deliver quality landscaping services and transform your yard into an oasis.

Premier Landscapes offer a range of services:

Our Process

Call or Email our team to schedule a time to talk about your project

Discuss your vision, budget and timeframe

Sign off on plans and designs

Our team will schedule in your job at a time convenient for you! Then your yard transformation will begin!

Google Reviews

Cannot recommend Premier Landscapes enough! We were very impressed with Mat.. We'll definitely be calling him back if we need any other work to be done on our place in the future


Many thanks to Matt he did a great job on the front tiling, it was a pleasure to see a happy friendly face and a landscaper that is wanting small or large jobs to do, no problems in what you are wanting


I would recommend Mat from Premier Landscapes. I spoke to many people about tiling around my pool and Mat was very responsive and easy to deal with. He did a great job


Landscaping Sydney - Other Services We Offer

Water Features

Water Features

If you are looking into landscaping, you may consider adding water features. Water features can include; fountains, waterfalls, bubbler, etc. We offer many different water features that we can help you to install into your poolscape to enhance the appearance and overall ambiance of your Sydney pool. Let us help turn your pool into an oasis!

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

If you have a swimming pool in Sydney and have a sloped yard, you have likely heard of retaining walls. Adding a retaining wall to your poolscape will help to keep any dirt, water and debris from washing down into your pool. Retaining walls also help to enhance the visual appeal of the pool and its surrounding landscape.

Pool Decking

Pool Decking

Premier Landscapes offer many different kinds of pool decking to suit your poolscape needs. We can install wood, stone, concrete or pavers. Our team has been installing all different kinds of pool decking for over 12 years and can help you determine which type of decking is best for you and your pool.

Pool Surrounds Sydney

Pool Surrounds Sydney

Pool surrounds are the hardscape area that encompasses your swimming pool. This can be deck or decking, even though the materials used are not always wood like a traditional outdoor deck. Pool surrounds can be made out of concrete, pavers or brick.

Pool surrounds add a functional landscaping piece to your pool. They add usable space to your pool area, create a smooth transition from one area to another, cover dirt and provide drainage. On top of all of that, pool surrounds create a frame which offers a safe path around the pools edge. If space is available, the decking can also be extended to provide area for outdoor furniture to relax and dine poolside.

Glass And Aluminum Fencing

Glass and Aluminum Fencing

As mentioned above, fencing around your pool is an important safety measure for your Sydney pool, however, you also want to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing and in line with your overall landscaping motif.
There are many different kinds of fencing that you can choose to encompass your pool, but two of the most popular materials are glass and aluminum fencing. If you have a yard with a view that you wish to maintain, you may want to consider glass pool fencing as it surrounds your pool in a non-intrusive manner. Aluminum, on the other hand, is a bit more visible but provides a sturdy and safe fencing structure for your pool.
With so many different fencing styles to choose from, Premier Landscapes is sure to help you figure out what the best fence is for your poolscape.

Full Landscape Projects Sydney

Full Landscape Projects Sydney

We also offer full landscape projects for your home or business. We are the best landscapers in Sydney and can handle all of your landscaping needs. With over a decade of professional experience, you can trust that your landscaping will be top notch and completed to your utmost satisfaction.

If you are interested in pool landscape designs or any other type of landscaping project, give us a call today. Our expert staff cannot wait to begin working with you to fulfill your landscaping dreams!

Watch your dream landscape unfold

If you are looking for expert pool landscaping in Sydney, give us a call today for a free evaluation and estimate. Let us show you why we are the number one rated pool landscaping company in Sydney.


Please send through an email outlining your project vision or requirements, our team would love to be a part of your next project. Sydney’s Leading Pool Landscaping company!

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